Complete vehicle engineering

We provide comprehensive engineering works for railway vehicles, including:

  • mechanical engineering,
  • numerical analyses (including strength verification),
  • system and electric engineering,
  • designing of welding and assembly tools

using 3D modelling and IT tools such as Catia, Creo, NX, and SolidWorks. When designing, we assume responsibility for the development of the product concept, industrial design, performance of all required analyses and simulations, development of 3D model and preparation of engineering documentation; we also provide project management services, author’s supervision and documentation validation.

We may design railway vehicles specified below according to the required standards (e.g. TSI, EN, UIC or GOST) for any customer all around the world:

  • electric, diesel and hybrid locomotives,
  • electric, diesel and hybrid trainsets,
  • trams,
  • subway trains,
  • passenger coaches of various types,
  • freight wagons of various types,
  • special vehicles (e.g. track inspection cars),
  • monorail vehicles.

Examples of vehicles designed by EC Engineering

1. Electric, diesel and hybrid locomotives,

2. EMU, DMU, Hybrid

3. Metro

4. Tram

5. Coach

6. Design concept

We also provide engineering services for individual parts of the vehicle design selected by the Customers such as:

  • style (design concept, visualizations, design book, painting, consulting, etc. ),
  • tender documentation (preparation of vehicle concept along with the required documents, calculations, drawings, etc.),
  • design of complete vehicle bodywork (car body, frame, front wall),
  • design of complete bogies (travelling gears),
  • integration of components with the vehicle (including required analyses, models, calculations, documentation, etc.),
  • vehicle interior (selection of components and materials, interior lining/cladding and insulation, internal equipment selection and erection, ergonomic analyses, etc.),
  • HVAC engineering,
  • design of sanitary, pneumatic, electric, fuel and other systems,
  • design of driver cabin and control desk (analysis of visibility, ergonomics, lining/cladding and insulation, equipment, etc.),
  • design and erection of diesel drive systems,
  • design of special compartments (kitchens, toilets, family compartments, etc.),
  • design of selected components (shelves, tables, seats, tanks, footrests, lifts for wheelchairs, wipers, pantographs, etc.).