Professional implementations of engineering simulations

As a design office with global experience in various industries, we offer professional implementation services in the field of implementation engineering simulation software.

Thanks to the implementation service, the client not only learns the software but also learns how to properly simulate phenomena specific to his industry.


  • project-related calculations must meet the requirements and specific standards,
  • for calculations it will be necessary to prepare material data or process parameters,
  • the key point is to calibrate the calculation model with the physical test,

we will teach you how to do it correctly as part of the implementation service.

CAE simulation implementation

If your company wonder to step into engineering simulation (strength, fatigue, kinematic and dynamic calculations, acoustic calculations, CFDs, crash tests, drop tests), we will help You:

  • pick-up and install appropriate software and hardware,
  • we will teach you how to use software on your real project,
  • we will teach you how to correctly model the phenomena you intend to study,
  • if you need to take laboratory measurements or real tests, we can do them for you and teach you how to perform them.

Manufacturing Simulations solutions implementation

We know very well that engineering simulations of new products, and simulations of making and producing designed models are two different stories that require a lot of experience (especially simulations of production processes).

If you noticed that aproduction of a new product requires series of costly tests or starting a new production series does not meet business expectations by:

  • high costs,
  • long production cycles time,
  • excessive consumption of material, tools, energy and so on,
  • a large number of products that do not meet quality requirements,

it means that it is justified to move the testing phase from a real workshop to a virtual workshop.

Due to the vast experience of our company, as well as cooperation with specialists from Polish technical universities, we implement simulation software for industries related to:

  • forging, rolling, cold and hot forming
  • sheet metal forming and stamping
  • bonding by welding, welding, riveting, clinching
  • regeneration by surfacing,
  • 3D printing in metal: powder sintering and laser metal deposition(Powder Bed Fusion and Direct Energy Deposition)
  • 3D printing in plastics (FFF / FDM and SLS)

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