Structural strength analyses

We have experience in calculations for the rail, automotive, paper and orders from other industries.
The scope of numerical analyses for the railway industry covers steel or aluminium railway car bodies: locomotives, electric and diesel multiple units, passenger cars, trams, metro trains, freight wagons and special vehicles.

We provide calculation services for compliance with the requirements of TSI, in which the main static and fatigue analyses of the railway structures (e.g. car bodies, fastenings and equipment) are performed according to the EN 12663 standard. Our criteria of evaluation of fatigue damage are in accordance with the requirements of Eurocode, DVS (German welding guidelines) or other as required by the Customer.

We perform the following types of analyses:

Static and fatigue analysis of bogie frames according to 13749 or UIC 615-4,
Analysis of natural frequencies and stability (linear and nonlinear) of rail car body structures,
Spot weld analysis for car body structures,
Analysis of bolted connections according to VDI2230, NFE 25 030 and Eurocode,
Numerical analysis of the following components: intermediate beam, doors – external and internal, gangway connections, interior elements (shelves, ceilings, partition walls, seats) energy absorbing couplers (front and inter-car) and crash absorbers.

The software we use includes Hyperworks, MSC.Patran, MSC.Nastran, Marc, Ansa and Ansys, Abaqus.