EC Engineering provides services in the field of numerical calculations for many industries, ranging from railway and automotive industries, through machinery, to paper, food and others.

The scope of numerical analyses for the railway industry, in which we have the most experience, fulfills comprehensive requirements for steel or aluminium railway car bodies including: locomotives, electric and diesel multiple units, passenger carriages, trams, metro trains, freight wagons and special vehicles.

Types of analyses we perform:

  • Static and fatigue analysis of rail car bodies,
  • Static and fatigue analysis of rail bogie frames,
  • Crash analysis including all scenarios,
  • CFD analysis of rail car bodies (train sets, heating and ventilation systems),
  • Analysis of natural frequencies and stability (linear and nonlinear) of rail car bodies,
  • Spot weld analysis of rail car bodies,
  • Mechanical vibration and shock analysis of railway components,
  • Multibody analysis of train sets,
  • Multibody comfort analysis,
  • Numerical and analytical analysis of rail components: wheelset axle, wheels, springs, pantographs, gangway connections, doors,
  • Acoustic analysis,
  • Analysis of bolted connections.

Extensive knowledge of numerical analysis allows us to transfer our experience to other industries.

Examples of analyses performed by us:

  • Analysis of environmental impacts on buildings,
  • Substrate elasticity analysis and vibration isolation efficiency,
  • Strength analysis of cylinders and shafts in the paper industry,
  • Analysis of vibrating conveyors in the food industry,
  • Analysis of gears for mixers.