Components development

Innovations and technology development are the key values of EC Engineering – the company that has focused on development and introduced its own products into global transport market. Our Component Department founded specially to complete this type of projects, manages the products from their development phase, through R&D works, patent reviews, part optimization until launching the series production.

The key asset of the Component Department is well qualified and highly motivated team of engineers. These people are creative and open-minded, brilliant engineers and true enthusiasts of innovative technologies – it is the reason why our products are functional, of modern design and perfectly optimized and adapted to the production capabilities.

The Component Department performs also the projects and delivers the components ordered by external customers. We develop complete “tailor-made” products in accordance with the specifications and the requirements of end customers. Our top priority of each project is timely execution of the order and meeting the quality requirements of the customer.


The Component Department follows the global approach to project implementation; such approach comprises the entire project cycle from offer submission to supply of finished product. For each project, a project team composed of the experts required according to the project specification is appointed. The experienced Project Department manages the product development from the concept stage until issue of the validated workshop documentation. All technical solutions are verified by strength calculations, which makes us confident our solutions are correct. In case of more advanced calculations that require use of a special software we are supported by our internal Computing Department.

Moreover, the duties of the department comprise designing the wiring diagrams and control systems. The team of electrical engineers prepares the design of electric systems compliant with the applicable standards and requirements of the Customer. Our automation and IT engineers are in position to develop dedicated controllers and control software supporting the product operation. All projects are supervised by the Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure transparency of the works and high management standard. In the designing phase, our engineers closely cooperate with the patent attorney and develop innovative, original solutions, which, in a number of cases, have become patented proprietary technology of the Company.

Reasearch work

Since most of the projects carried out by the components department have the status of mass-produced elements, we must be sure of the solutions applied. Each component in the final phase of the project is covered by a program of tests and studies, which aims to confirm the simulation calculations and check the functionality of the proposed solution. Each test program includes tests defined in the customer’s specification and a test plan drawn up by the designers. The result of the tests is the product validation phase and development of documentation necessary for subsequent product certification. Engineers analyze the results and optimize the design to improve functionality and modify the applied solutions.

Certification and documentation

The project implementation process performed by our company is certified by IRIS, which confirms the customer feedback is at a high level and ensures a high standard of project execution. Because the majority of the designed components is intended for use in the railway sector, the engineering documentation confirming product reliability and adequate level of operation safety is required. We have professionals responsible for performance of RAMS analyses of safety systems and their maintainability, serviceability and reliability and LCC analyses of the costs of the product life cycle (including acquisition, ownership, decommissioning costs, etc.). As the delivered products are realized in a comprehensive manner and are equipped with electrical and/ or automation components, we also provide SIL documentation for the supplied components.

Production launching

The final stage of each project is active participation of designing engineers in cost-and time consumption optimization of mechanical parts and product deployment into series production. Production processes and additional production equipment and tools are defined in cooperation with the staff of the production facility. The manufacturing equipment and tools are designed in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing principles applicable to the production site within the production launching process. The outcome of the project implementation is development of the optimum production process that allows product realization with assurance of the proper quality standard.