Event simulations and crash analysis

In the field of crash analysis, we specialise in designing energy absorption zones for rolling stock and verifying the crashworthiness of rail vehicles in compliance with the EN 15227 standard. We also support clients in planning crash tests and interpreting their results.

For rolling stock equipment we perform virtual validation of impact tests according to the EN 61373 standard and we support our clients at the stage of product certification during laboratory tests.

We have extensive experience in the field of analysis and optimisation of bus body frames in terms of meeting the requirements of the UN R66 regulations.

In addition to the transport industry, we also have experience in the field of road infrastructure, such as collision simulation with barriers and traffic lights. For the purposes of obtaining complex data, we cooperate with renowned research centres at home and abroad. The material models we use include a zone of minimal heat impact weakening the material around welds in welded structures. We also conducted a simulation in the area of energy absorption by destroying composite materials.

The software we use for the above calculations is LS-Dyna and Radioss.