Structural dynamics and acoustics analyses

We offer simulation services in the field of broadly understood structural dynamics. We perform calculations in both time and frequency domain. As part of the services offered, we determine the dynamic characteristics of objects – frequency responses, normal modes. We also specialise in simulating fatigue tests conducted on vibration tables. We perform fatigue calculations for objects subjected to random excitation and deterministic time signals.

We perform simulations for manufacturers of rolling stock equipment – simulation of vibration test (virtual validation) for compliance with the EN 61373 standard and analysis of parts for the automotive industry according to the specific requirements of the end-customer.

One of the types of problems we solve are simulations for the purposes of expert reports assessing the impact of vibrations on buildings and people living in those buildings. As part of the simulations, we select parameters and verify the effectiveness of anti-vibration mats.

An area in which we are constantly developing are acoustic calculations using the boundary element method and the finite element method. We offer comprehensive calculations services regarding verification of rolling stock compliance with the requirements of the TSI NOI and harmonised standards. As part of these calculations, noise levels in the driver’s cab, in the passenger compartment, pass-by noise and starting noise are determined.

The software used for dynamic analysis is: MSC.Nastran LS-Dyna, Optistruct or Ansys. Acoustic calculations are carried out in Actran and dedicated programs such as Stardamp.