We make measurements of our own and entrusted workpieces using advanced measuring tools and machines.

The metrology laboratory of EC Engineering offers geometry and deviation measurement services performed with use of contact and contactless (laser) methods (laser tracking for large size workpieces). Measurements are computer-aided to enable result integration into CAD models, performance of dimensional analysis and generation of measuring plans in form of .sat
and .igs -files. We measure workpieces in our own metrology laboratory equipped with a CMM Zeiss Contura G2 coordinate measuring machine; moreover, when making field measurements required by the Customer, a Leica AT410 mobile laser measuring device may be used.

The metrology laboratory has also the equipment to measure non-metallic coating thickness, workpiece thickness and hardness of materials (e.g.: steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, red brass, zinc).

Monitoring and measuring tools

Leica AT401 Absolute Tracker

A full laser measurement range is 150 m, within which the accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre is maintained. The Leica AT410 Absolute Tracker is a very helpful tool for us when manufacturing machinery components, and enables accurate measuring of holes, edges, planes and their interactions.


  • Scope
    – Nieograniczony obrót w poziomie: +/-360˚
    – Nieograniczony obrót w pionie: +/- 145˚
    – Typowy zasięg roboczy: 320 m
  • Parametry pomiaru kątów
    – Rozdzielczość: 0,07 sekundy łuku
    – Dokładność (MPE): +/- 15 μm + 6 μm/m
    – Powtarzalność (MPE): +/- 7.5 μm + 3 μm/m
  • Parametry pomiaru odległości bezwzględnych
    – Rozdzielczość: 0,1 μm
    – Dokładność (MPE):+/- 10 μm
    – Powtarzalność (MPE): +/- 5 μm
  • Emisja laserowa

Produkt laserowy klasy 2 według normy IEC 60825-1.

ZEISS CONTURA G2 Coordinate Measuring Machine

The CMM machine manufactured by ZEISS enables 3D measurements of complex workpieces. It assures high precision, wide measurement range and extensive package of measuring rods. The CMM machine guarantees very accurate and unbiased measurement results. One of the benefits offered by this measurement method is possibility to measure various objects of complex geometry with high accuracy and tight tolerances. We use this machine to measure the components for aviation applications, which require very precise fabrication.


  • zakres pomiarowy maszyn X = 1000 mm, Y = 1200 mm, Z = 600 mm,
  • dokładność MPE=1.9+L/300) μm (L w mm).

TRIMOS Vectra-Touch Height Measuring Instrument

“Vectra-Touch” is a versatile height measuring instrument, which may be used in any production process. The main functions of this meter comprise measurements of the surface distances, inner and outer diameters, borehole spacing, perpendicularity, angles, and performance of MIN, MAX and Delta functions.


  • zakres pomiaru: 24 “/ 610 mm,
  • zakres zastosowania: 34″ / 872 mm,
  • maksymalne dopuszczalne błędy (μm): 2 + L (mm) / 400,
  • powtarzalność: 0,00004″ / 0,00008 ” .

TH-110/D Portable Hardness Tester

TH110 Portable Hardness Tester allows quick and easy testing the hardness of various materials at different angles. It may be used to test the hardness of carbon, alloy and stainless steel, aluminium die casting alloys, zinc and copper alloy (brass), tin and copper alloy (bronze), pure copper and other metals. The tester complies with the ASTM and DIN standards. Readouts are possible in HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS scale. Accuracy: +/- 5% for 800HL.

SAUTER TB 200-0 US red Ultrasonic Compact Thickness Gauge

The gauge enables measuring the thickness of various materials, e.g. : steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, red brass, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, and grey and ductile cast iron. It has external measuring head enabling easier access to measurement points of limited accessibility.


  • zakres pomiarowy (stal, głowica standardowa)- 1.5-100 mm,
  • zakres wskazań (stal, głowica standardowa) – 1.5-200 mm,
  • błąd max. ± (0.5 % wartości mierzonej + 0.1) mm.

CHY TG05 Coating Thickness Gauge

The gauge is used to measure the thickness of non-metallic coatings (e.g. paint) on substrates made of ferromagnetic materials (e.g. steel) and non-ferromagnetic alloys (e.g. copper, aluminium, zinc, bronze, brass). The gauge automatically identifies the substrate type before measurement and has the option to change the units of measurement.

ELCOMETER 107 Cross Hatch Cutter

This simple tool provides an instant assessment of the quality of the bond to the substrate. Its design allows to carry out the tests on both, flat and curved surfaces.