Multibody Analyses

In the area of rigid body dynamics calculations, our company offers kinematics and dynamics analyses of industrial machines and mechanisms as well as road and rail vehicles. Using multi-body and analytical methods, we solve problems related to determining the kinematics of designed mechanisms and devices that meet the requirements arising from the performance characteristics of the device.

We perform dynamics analysis of mechanisms in order to determine the dynamic loads acting on the components of a kinematic system of a given device. The nature and value of the calculated loads allows the structure to be optimised in terms of strength and weight.

As a company specialising in analyses for the railway industry, we offer a wide range of analyses related to the subject of rail vehicle dynamics in the field of passenger and freight rolling stock as well as trams. These analyses include, among others:

  • Simulations of vehicle dynamics before admission to rail traffic according to the TSI guidelines and other standards and technical documents, among others: EN 14363, EN 15827, ERRI B176, EN 15686, EN15687, ERRI B55 RP8 and UIC-518.
  • Passenger comfort analysis, taking into account the procedures described in normative documents such as EN 12299, ISO 2631-1, ISO 5349-1, VDI 2057-1, VDI 2057-2, ISO 2631-4 and UIC-513.
  • Analysis of the impact of side winds on riding safety according to EN 14067-6.

We calculate dynamics (both mechanisms and vehicles) using the SIMPACK and Adams environments. In our work we also use a number of proprietary tools, programs and spreadsheets created and developed for the needs of specific project tasks.