Current collection system for charging of electric buses.

EC Engineering provides Innovative solution for electric buses. Solution is based on the pantograph mounted on the bus.

Multi pole Design:

This system enables the contact to the charging stati on and thereby allow the current transmission.
Max. 5-pole system (positi ve, negati ve, grounding, control, … )
Single poles are insulated from each other.

Compensation of the improper bus position. In case of inaccuracy at parking compensati on of improper positi on is 1m in transversal and 1,5m longitudinal axis. The pan head system is able to cover angular tolerances of possible kneeling up to 4°. Due to the design of the contact points, it is assured, to establish an proper contact force on the single poles. System is connected and ready to charge exact when the bus stop.


Technical parameters

Rated voltage (Battery) 600 V
Maximum current 1000 A
Maximum power 600 kW
Raising time ~ 3 sec.
Lowering time ~ 3 sec.
Weight ~85 kg
Operating temperature -30°C to +65°C