An asymmetrical pantograph is set to receive direct current from a contact line with various voltage configurations: 1,5 kV, 3 kV, 15 kV, 25 kV. It may operate at a maximum driving speed of 200km/h in the following conditions: ambient temperature from -30C to +40C, normal relative humidity 70 ±5% ,maximum wind velocity 25m/s.

Equipped with a contact slipper with two aluminium profiles in which carbon strips have been embedded.

Equipped with systems:

  • ADD (Automatic Drop Device)
  • PPD (Pantograph Position Detection)
  • OHD (over height detection)

Current collector with TSI certificate, compatible according to: EN 50206-1.

Individually configured pantograph (adapted for Customer requirements).

Technical parameters

Maximum speed 200 km/h up to 250 km/h
Temperature range Climatic Zone T3 (-25C to +45C)
Possibility TX (-40C to +50C)
Rated current vehicle running Max 2500 A
Working range 2150 mm
Housed height 300 mm / without insulators
Length when folded 2437 [mm]
Maximum extension ~2900 mm
Rated voltage 1,5 [kV] DC
3 [kV] DC
15 [kV] DC
25 [kV] DC
Static contact force: 60 to 90 (25kV AC, 15kV AC)
Static contact force: 90 to 120 (3kV DC)
Static contact force: 70 to 140 (1,5kV DC)
Collector head profiles and length 1950 mm (Type 1)
1600 mm (Interoperable HS)
Overheight Detection Yes
Auto Drop Device Yes
Weight without izolators ~ 125 kg
Propulsion type Pneumatic lift system
Mounting points 3-points 1100 x 800 mm
4-points 800 x 970 mm