Program offer

Structural Analysis

MSC Nastran

Original Nastran solver for linear and nonlinear FEM analysis.

Marc Mentat

Solution for strongly nonlinear analysis.

MSC Apex

Modern state-o-the-art modelling and prepost processing FEM platform.


Advanced modelling and prepost processing FEM platform.

CAE Fatigue

Fatigue Analysis Platform of general purpose.


Fatigue analysis dedicated for rubber elements


SC Flow

General purpose CFD analysis tool. …

SC Stream

CFD solution, dedicated for HVAC and electronics ventilating. Database of electronic components.


Smart platform for modelling and calculating heating on PCBs.



Platform for professional acoutics, vibroacoustics and aeroacoustics analysis.

Multibody Analysis


Multibody analysis platform or kinematic and dynamic analysis.

Adams Car

Solution dedicated for calculating dynamic performance of car.

Adams Real Time

HIL, SIL, DIL solution for virtual test and validation of car.

Explicit Analysis


Explicit solution or crash test, droptest, explostion, penetration and fast moving phenomena.

Dummy Models

FEM models for crash test, militiary and injuries simualtions.

Artificial ​Intelligent for CAE


Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning based solution for massive reduction of CAE calculations.

Material Engineering
project management


Platform for modelling termomechanical properties of new and exisitng materials, virtual validating of material properties and final part performance.

Material Center

Server based platform for for engineering lifecycle management.


The CAD and CAE project management platform allows you to easily manage projects, run calculations and integrate tasks between team members.

Simulating Manufacturing Processes

Simufact Welding

Virtual workshop of all welding processes including LMD. It allows you to calculate welding and thermal stresses, material phase distribution and prevent unwanted deformations.

Simufact Forming

Virtual Workshop of all cold and hot forming processes. Working cold and hot. the final geometry, phase distribution in the material, deformation course, selection, simulation and wear of tools are only part of the capabilities of Simufact Forming.

Simufact Joining

Simulation of joining processes. Clinching, riveting, holeless riveting and more.

Forming Suite

Platform for costing and nesting sheet metal forming and stamping processes.

3D print

Simufact Additive

Virtual workshop of metal based additive manufacturing (metal printing) processes. Get the right printouts the first time.

Digimat AM

FFF / FDM and SLS simulation of printing in plastics using the FFF / FDM method and advanced material models with the possibility of exporting the history of production to the MES environment.

MSC Apex Generative Design

State-of-the art topology optimization solution.

Computed tomography

Volume Graphics

Software for visualization, processing and analysis of scans for industrial computed tomography CT.

ADAS and driver assistance systems tests

VTD Virtual Test Drive

Simulating platform for testing, validating autonomous vehicles and its software and sensors in virtual reality.